Aurora Series

What do you get when you own an Aurora Series Cooler?  Besides envious eyes; the best, most feature packed cooler on the market.  Virtually indestructible build quality, dual drain plugs, T-Track mounting rails compatible with most fishing accessories, a pressure relief valve, bottle openers, tie down slots, wheels, a fishing ruler, and the list goes on!  Order today and you get a FREE Cup Holder, Basket, and Divider with all 50qt & 70qt coolers, plus FREE SHIPPING.

Why do you need a glow in the dark cooler?  Your cooler has the goods; make it stand out. You can write a message with a flashlight, mark a position at a campsite, find your beverage of choice without a light, or tie a fishing lure at night on the lid without blinding yourself.  The Aurora gives off a soft glow that is visible for miles, but does not affect night vision.  Recommended by boaters and USCG Licensed Captains, the cooler floats, and works as a perfect marker to enhance visibility in emergency situations.  The Sun went down on the competition!